The Bald & The Beautiful Headwear

The Bald & The Beautiful Headwear

The Courier Mail, 1 October 2020 – read the article here

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, regardless of their situation, and that’s precisely why The Bald & The Beautiful was started. Inspired by my own personal experience with cancer, chemotherapy, and hair loss, I began with a mission determined to find that missing confidence and sass that suddenly disappeared from my life. There were many side effects, but by far the most devastating was losing my hair. It was as if I was losing a part of myself and a sense of who I was.

I knew the solution for this was something funky, colourful, and creative to bring that smile back to my face, the happiness back to my eyes, and beauty back to my expression. Thus, The Bald & The Beautiful began. What stemmed from a personal setback has now flourished into a brand dedicated to helping other women with their self-esteem during this difficult time. With so many different styles of headwear to choose from, including various patterns, colours, fabrics, and closures, you can find a piece that feels exclusive to you and your fashion sense – whether that’s simple, elegant, luxurious, sassy, eccentric, or something else entirely.

I have no doubt you will find your lost confidence again with the help of these headwear, just as they helped me when facing the most challenging experience in my life.

Wishing you all the best

Sam x